FX Breakdown Title
Battleship Thumb HOP lookdev supervisor
  • Supervised the effects on a sequence where battleships first make contact with alien ships ("stingers").
  • Worked closely with the CG Supervisor and R&D Lead on the development of a "cascade" water system. This system was used by all shots on the show that included alien ships.
  • Completed shots using Particle Level Set (PLS) and FLIP simulations.
  • Mist, smoke, and fire simulation.
TLA Thumb THE LAST AIRBENDER FX Technical Director
  • Completed shots using various types of FX fluid simulations, including air-bending and fire-bending.
  • Assisted a CG Sequence Supervisor in leading a dust-storm effect.
  • Presented a series of lessons to help integrate 3rd party software into the Industrial Light & Magic workflow.
Happy Thumb NATM2 FX Supervisor
  • Supervised a team of four FX Leads and ten FX TDs on various complex sequences in the film.
  • Worked closely with VFX Supervisor, client, and leads on conceptualizing the "Netherworld" sequence.
  • Research, development, and tool design on volumetric, runoff, and splash effects.
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