Lookdev Breakdown Title
Hop Thumb HOP lookdev supervisor
  • Supervised a varied team of eleven artists, comprised of texture painters, modelers, and look developers on a complex interior environment rendered in Mantra PBR.
  • Worked with Art Directors to strongly influence the design of machines and vehicles at the look development stage.
  • Texture painted the main character, EB Rabbit.
Happy Thumb HAPPY FEET lookdev / lighting technical director
  • Look development and texture painting of the killer whales and ice shelves in Rhythm & Hues' Houdini lighting pipeline.
  • Designed a point instancing procedural scheme for shots that involved large numbers of animated elements.
  • Maintenance of shaders and expansion of the Houdini lighting pipeline.
Museum Thumb NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM texture painter
  • Texture painting of various "diorama" Massive characters.
  • Texture painting of a large number of props.
Evan Thumb EVAN ALMIGHTY texture painter
  • Texture painted over 60 Massive animals for the ark sequence.
  • Helped develop a Photoshop script to quickly export multiple layer comps simultaneously to their correct locations in the pipeline.
Superman Thumb EVAN ALMIGHTY texture painter
  • Maintenance and continued development of Rhythm & Hues' first Mantra lighting and rendering pipeline.
  • Wrote multiple Houdini Digital Assets for look development.
  • Supported Lighting Technical Directors in shot work.
  • Created tools to ensure proper handoff of large assets from the animation department to the lighting department. This included the crystal island and Lex Luthor's yacht.
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